Garden Bridal Shower Invitations

Are you looking for a fun and relaxed bridal shower? Then you will probably like hosting a garden bridal shower. And we have the invitations for you, in fact you can choose from garden bridal shower invitations.

More Customizable Garden Bridal Shower Invitations

There are plenty of great invitation template to customize to customize for your garden bridal shower. Not only are the invitation templates easy to customize they are also an affordable option for showers on a budget. You can get as much as 40% off on your garden bridal shower invitation when you place your order. If that sounds like something your shower could use keep reading to find out more.

Modern Garden Showers

There are many different types of bridal shower you can celebrate. A garden bridal shower goes into the direction of traditional. But don’t let that fool you, these wonderful styles of bridal shower are just as appropriate today as they were decades ago.

While a garden bridal shower is one of the older styles of shower there are many different ways you can celebrate the shower and give it a modern flare. Here are a few of the reasons we place the garden shower into the “traditional” category.

  • The garden shower follows the format of the traditional shower. You are not expected to provide a full meal, the shower guests will be offered coffee, tea, and cake as refreshments.
  • Traditionally showers were only celebrated among women, while that has changed today, a garden shower follows the “ladies only” model of the bridal shower.
  • The nature of the party is more subdued, alcohol and wild bridal shower games are almost never a part of a garden bridal shower.

There are hundreds of lovely invitations here for your garden shower. There are also a number of great themes that will help you find the template you were looking for. Here are a few more of today’s popular invites.

75 Garden Bridal Shower Invitations to Choose From

There are plenty of invitations for you garden bridal shower. Here are a couple more for you to choose from. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for you may want to try one of these lovely collections: